When browsing to your Microsoft SharePoint online admin center you do not see all sharepoint sites like ones created by Yammer, Teams etc.


This can lead you to issues creating new sharepoint sites because the name was already user by another setup in Yammer or Teams.
The only way to see all SharePoint sites is PowerShell.


For the first time, you will need to install powershell administration tools:

The second one can be installed directly from within powershell on the latest versions:

install-module msonline
  • You will be prompted to install the NuGet provider if this is the first time you're using it.
  • You will then be prompted to trust the PSGallery repository for this installation

Connect to your Microsoft Tenant

Now you have required modules, we will connect to Microsoft Online and then to the Sharepoint Online part.

$credential = get-credential
import-module msonline
Connect-MsolService -credential $credential
Connect-SPOService -url https://[YourTenant]-admin.sharepoint.com -credential $credential

Work with the Sharepoint Online Sites

Now you can simply check all sites under your tenant by typing get-sposite command:

You can see much more sites and can start working with them. 

Use cases and conclusions

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