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You want to use Active Directory Group to plan and deploy and app with SCCM.
This article will explain how to create a User Collection in SCCM 2012 based on a AD Group.

Run the SCCM Console and navigate to Asset and Compliance tab.
Find the User Collection and navigate (create if required) to the desired folder.
Click on Create User Collection on the top-left.

Name  your collection and click on Browse

As we want to retreive Users member of the Group, we will select the limiting collection called All Users and User Groups
Select it and click Ok, then go to the next screen 

Select the Add Rule menu and click on Query Rule 

Select the Edit Query Statement... button 

Select the Show Query Language button 

On this window, paste the following code and change the last characters to the Active Directory Group you want to target from SCCM:

select SMS_R_USER.ResourceID,SMS_R_USER.ResourceType,SMS_R_USER.Name,SMS_R_USER.UniqueUserName,SMS_R_USER.WindowsNTDomain from SMS_R_User where SMS_R_User.UserGroupName = "CIRB-CIBG\\GP_APP_SCCM_O365_Visio_Std_x64"

Back to the previous screen, tick the User incremental updates for this collection checkbox and select the Schedule... button

Define a out of business hours time to have SCCM sync the collection. Here we set it once a day at 4:00 am

Click Next  and your collection will be created.


You will notice after a few minutes that SCCM will have members in the collection

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